Pareto Rule Rules OK

We’ve been having some really weired weather lately. Firstly, the long, cold, dark winter. And now burning sunshine with massive storms and freak, flash flooding. The fire brigade is on round the clock call-out.

The last time we had such heavy rain, our field shelter was flooded. Elizabeth took action and made sure that future heavy rain water would be directed away from our stable. And it worked.

I’m very appreciative of this kind of positive action. It is nice and reassuring to have people around me who are prepared to move beyond negative events as quickly as they can.

The Pareto principle states that roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. In other words, life is 20 per cent what happens and 80 per cent how you react to it.

You cannot control external events in your life, but you sure can control how you respond or react to them.

For example, you cannot control the weather (20%), but you can control how you react to it (80%). You cannot control whether or not your car will breakdown but you can control how you react if it does.

Another example: You are incredibly busy and have to catch a plane or taxi for an important meeting. There is a delay. Your schedule is already gone to pot and it is only 9 a.m.  Why take out your frustration on the airport staff or taxi driver? They have no control over what is going on. Why get stressed out? It will make things worse. Use your time to resolve the situation as best you can.

What about you? Are you prepared to move beyond the negative or are you more comfortable staying in the non-positive zone?

Now you know the 20/80 principle. Apply it and you will be amazed at the results. It takes work and focus and determination. You have nothing to lose if you try it. You might even have lots to gain.

You can change the way you see things, the way you react and the way you respond by applying the 20/80 principle. You can be on the right end of the scale.

I got a stable that remained dry despite the heavy flooding. What will you get out of it?

“do not let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game”.

Enjoy your ride!


(Photo: Mittinger

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