It was feeling like a homeless person who doesn’t know how much he has in the bank.

February I mean. February was such a grey month – very cloudy and literally freezing cold. And boring!

My field was frozen solid too. And grey. Owners came to visit their horses, obviously, but the ground was so frozen they couldn’t do too much with them. At times it was just too icy. The horses were frustrated too. We could feel that spring was somewhere in the air, but where?

From what I could tell, we were all bored and frustrated – humans and horses alike.  I noticed many people comfort eating – chocolate and sweeties in their pockets along with the usual carrots and tidbits for their horses.  And we were all hungry for sunshine. As I said February was a very grey month.

Emily and Elizabeth were bored. I was too.  Of course the two EEs came to see me and groom me but it just isn’t the same as being taken out and going out for a ride. There’s quality time and then there’s quality time if you see what I mean.

At times like that it’s hard to remember that being satisfied with your lot is very much an inside job (and no I don’t mean how satisfaction feels after eating a bar of chocolate!)

Boredom can very easily become a habit, even for us equines.  A habit that is difficult to get out of.

I find that simple things work the best: just try to reach out for something that feels better.

A small step at a time.  One step today, two tomorrow.  In a year you might have made 365 steps to feeling better (without even over-indulging on chocolate!)

For the next 3-4 weeks every time you feel down or frustrated or even downright bored, I challenge you to reach for a thought that makes you feel a little bit better.

Whatever your reality might be, I challenge you to overturn the feelings of boredom or frustration by choosing thoughts that are simply better than the last one.

Who knows where the first steps might take you!

“There are two ways of being rich. One is to have all you want, the other is to be satisfied with what you have.” – Unknown

Let me know how you get on.

Enjoy your ride


(Photo: Mittinger

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2 Responses to It was feeling like a homeless person who doesn’t know how much he has in the bank.

  1. I really liked Lucy’s wisdom today. It reminded me of reading some of the Psalms in the Bible. I am very blessed and I must remeber that.

    • haffnerhorse says:

      “The grateful mind is constantly fixed
      upon the best. Therefore it tends to
      become the best. It takes the form or
      character of the best, and will receive
      the best.”
      Wallace Wattles

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