Are you waiting for Hope? (And I don’t mean Bob!)

The other day I heard someone saying I live in hope. I’ve also heard Elizabeth say things like Hope springs eternal or Hope against hope.

The Macmillan on-line dictionary defines hope thus: [intransitive/transitive] to want and expect something to happen or be true and hope against hope thus: to hope that something will happen or be true, even though you know it is very unlikely

Being a horse I look for security in the herd and good leaders.  I’m not sure what this hope thing is but it seems to me there are two ways that human beings perceive hope:

There are those who spend their lives living in hope wishing for things to change. And there are others who provide hope and create a way of bringing about change.

I guess the difference between the two is what one does or does not do with hope.

Whichever way you look at it seems that there is some kind of scarcity involving hope!

For those who live in hope, it seems that there is a desperation characterized by them waiting for other people to provide the means for them to be happy. A passive activity. Are they playing a waiting game, I ask myself?

I can stand around passively on my field for quite a long time. But I am not living in hope. If I want to go and eat some grass then I have to go and do it. The grass is not going to come to me! I have to take action to get it. If I do not take action then I am not going to get my grass.

Disappointed describes a lot of people I have seen over the years. They have developed a longing for things they do not have.  They put a great deal of their energy into wishing and wanting and waiting. They live in a cycle of hope – expectation, disappointment and then … passive waiting.  They seem to think that they can do nothing about their lot in life but sit back and wait for things to happen.

The waiting game again.

Small children do not usually have a lot of patience. They do not know how to wait. Waiting is learned over the years: waiting in line, waiting for someone (usually adults, teachers, parents) to tell them what they should do. Into adult life which can be spent waiting for “it” – the sign to appear from heaven. When the sign does not appear, most people give up and go off and start the cycle of hope all over again feeling powerless over their situation.

Because, because, because …  because being “powerless” is a condition you have learned over the years to keep yourself  resisting what you really  can do for yourself right at this moment.

Instead of passively waiting for other people to provide the means for you to be happy, become the creator of your own hope. Take action. Arrange for it to happen!

Do you want to remain a wisher or become a creator? Work on creating a new awareness for yourself and of yourself.

Enjoy your ride!


(Photo: Mittinger

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