If you’re happy and you know it stamp your feet!

Elizabeth hasn’t been so happy recently. Everything seemed to go wrong all at once, or so it seemed to her. Insurmountable problems one after the other. The biggest one being her computer broke down completely, and she lost most of the things she’d been working on. Passwords and everything else she thought important to her life disappeared with it!

At first she thought it was a disaster. Nothing could make her happy. Then she realised that instead of spending hours at the computer she could spend the time differently and use it to enjoy things that made her happy. She began to see the good things about NOT having a computer available to her 24 hours per day!

Eventually she began to see that life could indeed continue, and sought the benefits that arose out of the problem. She began to see the silver lining!

Happiness is a feeling, an emotion. If you want to be happy then why not be happy? Experience happiness!

There’s the rub. Most of the people I know focus on what is wrong with their lives – Oh! If only they had this, that or the other shiny new thing. Wouldn’t life be grand!

This is where their difficulties start: most of them have become used to thinking that their happiness is something external which can be bought or attained by using the next shiny new thing. The latest diet, the newest car, a new computer. Bells and whistles.

You cannot be happy doing something you don’t like! Conversely, if you are doing something you really enjoy then it is difficult to be frustrated or sad whilst doing it!

The more you concentrate on what is wrong with your life, the more of what is wrong with your life is what you will get. Your subconscious mind will ensure that that will happen! It creates more of what you don’t want because it thinks that you want more of it.

Why? Well, your subconscious mind creates what you regularly think about. So if you focus more on unpleasant things then you will get more unpleasant things happening in your life. Because you are thinking of it.

You have to shift your focus. It’s easy to think bad quality thoughts. Try thinking happy, clappy, smiley, stamping thoughts for while!

Even when confronted with the upheavals life throws at you. Even broken computers!

Leave space in your thoughts for acknowledging the good things going on with you and around you.

Don’t let your mind work against you. Start today. Until you experience happiness every day!

Enjoy your ride.


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2 Responses to If you’re happy and you know it stamp your feet!

  1. haffnerhorse says:

    Its right you don’t let your mind work against you.
    Cool thing.

  2. Emily says:

    I find it the same way like you , you don’t let your mind work against you.
    Cool and great thing.
    See you at the next Post.
    Emily : )

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