My brain works, does yours?

Being a horse, my requirements are very basic. I have most of my natural needs here where I live. I have good quality feed, I have a good blacksmith, good veterinary care when I might need it. And I have horses in my life who know exactly how to use and understand our well-developed communication system. Our survival has depended on this communication system within the herd. The herd has to function as a herd. There is no jealousy, no worrying about what will happen tomorrow or next week. Just being alive now!

Not everyone is so fortunate, I realise.

Many, many people are unhappy with their lives. They become envious of others who make a success out of theirs. When you set yourself apart from others your message is I’m not a follower. I do my own thinking.

This can upset the people around you. It frightens them. And they envy you. Fear  holds them back from taking steps to change their unhappy lives. So they resent you for doing so. Jealousy, the green eyed monster rears its head. It’s easier for people to attack you than it is for them to change themselves and create more value in their lives.

They focus on what they do not have. They lose themselves in what they do not have.

In other words they struggle. They struggle with their thoughts, trying to re-arrange everyone else’s lives to fit in with their perception of how the world should be. This results in even greater unhappiness. This happens because they focus on what they perceive they don’t have instead of being grateful for what they do have.

Remember that the people trying to tear you down are just trying to deal with their own doubts and fears.

Do not let the envy of others hold you back from achieving what you want in life.  To be an individual means not to be a sheep. It is up to you to create value for yourself and your life.

To create a different life you have to change the thoughts and your belief system which will allow you to achieve those changes.

So take charge of your mind. Control your thoughts.

Create thought patterns that allow you to succeed. At the end of each day make a list. Write down and ask yourself:

  • What made me feel good about myself today?
  • What did I do today that was my most positive achievement?
  • Which challenge did I face today and how did I meet and overcome it?
  • How can I build on that successful achievement and turn it into more successful achievements?
  • What is my plan for tomorrow?

Erasing  the negative thoughts gets easier once you have started. Do not let others instil their negative, limiting beliefs on you. As you see yourself in a more positive way, the more positively others will see you.

You are in charge and you can do anything you want…

Enjoy your ride.


(Photo: Mittinger

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