Have you peaked already?

Someone wrote to Elizabeth to ask if I could provide practical examples of how the people reading my motivational musings could  help themselves to change their lives, or even to provide an answer as to why they might want to change their lives at all!

Well, as you know I am a horse and not a therapist, and these writings here are purely my musings after 20 years or so of observing humans. It seems to me a lot of the people I’ve had chance to observe are not happy with their lives at all. Some are happy with some aspects of it, some are just plain miserable. So, do you need to introduce some changes into your life? Continuing the motivational mode, I suggest you ask yourself some of the following questions:

– are you totally, without reserve, 100% satisfied with your life and your level of performance   and success?

– are you producing your best in every area of your life? i.e. relationships, finances, business, work, family, hobbies?
– is the adrenalin rush missing?

– has your very best level of performance and thinking got you to where you are right now, today?

I’ll repeat that so you can let it soak: Has your very best level of performance and thinking got you to where you are right now, this very day?

If your answer is yes and  you are 100% totally satisfied with your life in all the above mentioned areas today then you do not need to apply any changes your life.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your life in all the above mentioned areas today then you might want to find out how to become 100% satisfied. There are many, many self-improvement programmes available to humans. Finding one to suit you might take a little hard work on your part!

What I can recommend is finding a coach to help you in various areas where you might want to improve. A business coach for business, relationship coach for relationships etc. All top athletes and performers have a coach. Elizabeth was reluctant to starting coaching at first because she wasn’t clear on the direction she wanted to take with it, and thought that this was a prerequisite for an effective coaching relationship. This isn’t the case at all. A coach can  help create powerful new directions in a very short period of time. Coaching is not just something for the very young. Any time in your life is a good time to take action if you really want to.

When I’m out on my field I do not see that grass has to struggle to grow, or that wind struggles to blow. Water does not struggle to flow, flowers do not struggle to flower and bloom.

Struggle is not natural, so let yourself get in the flow. Stop paddling against the current.

Awareness is the first step to making any change in your life.  It is for you to decide if you want or need to embark on any kind of self-improvement.

I believe it is important to realise that you can make things happen.  Knowing that you can make the best advantage of every situation and perform at your peak is the ultimate feeling of security, freedom and power.

Even for a horse.

Enjoy your ride!


(photo: Mittinger)

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