I get to live as near a natural life as I can.

I get to live as near a natural life as I can. I live in a small herd and I can move around my field when I want to. And I have lots of grass to eat. I hardly ever need the vet to come and treat me and I am so grateful for all of this.

Not many bad things have happened to me in my life. That is not the case with some of my friends. They have had some not so nice things happen to them. And sometimes, when they are in certain situations, their memory of these things causes them to react in a certain way, like by running away, or biting or bucking or rearing up. They don’t even know they are doing it. It has become a habit with them.

Elizabeth is helping my friends get over their bad memories by doing lots of exercises with them which help them to re-direct their thoughts and their minds in certain situations, so their experience of them becomes different. This helps them get new, better memories to replace the experience of the old, not so good ones.

Does that happen to you too? Not the biting and bucking, of course! But is your mind full of habitual negative thinking caused by real or imagined memories from time gone by? Do you find yourself often thinking about things that have made you sad, angry or depressed?

Holding on to these negative thoughts and emotions blocks the way forward and can stop you achieving the life (and the ride) you want for yourself. I have heard that it can even make you ill! So, ask yourself how holding on to these negative emotions is  helping you? Are they serving you in any purposeful way? Are they helping you get the life (and ride) you want for yourself?

If the answer to these questions is no, then it is time to let go of them. Re-train your mind to think of other things. When you get up in the morning, start moving around and get outside into the fresh air if possible, just like I do! While you are walking outside, think of things you can be grateful for in your life. Focus on what you want and make a plan for it.

Holding a pen and paper is difficult for me of course, but I know that Elizabeth and Emily practice writing down each night five things which made them happy that day, or that they can give themselves  a pat on the back for doing well.

You can do the same! And ,  when you get up in the morning and before you go out for a walk, or whatever it is you choose to do, read the five things again.

Each night, write down five different things which made you feel good that day.

This will help get your mind thinking in a different direction. Just like my friends are learning to do.

And that is something I am definitely grateful for!

Enjoy your ride.


(photo: Mittinger)


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One Response to I get to live as near a natural life as I can.

  1. haffnerhorse says:

    And I have to write my list in English, not German – Emily

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