I am a horse, first and foremost.

I am a horse, first and foremost.  Even though horses have been domesticated now for many years, we are never-the-less animals very much in tune with our natural instincts. I naturally need to be able to move around, to have a field to gallop around in and to share all of this with some friends.

I have all of that where I live. I have lovely grass fields to run around in and friends to share it with. Being a horse, I live in the here and now and I love it! If I were a human I would say that all-in-all, I cannot complain.

I have often noticed that some humans around the stable do complain. They do not not pay much attention to how they think and how they speak. If someone asks how they are, they always reply with a negative comment. If only they realized that if they complain a lot then this becomes a habit, repeated without any thought. Then they wonder why their life seems so hard!

If you complain a lot then you are likely to get more of what you complain about.

If you focus on a problem then you will probably get more problems. If you continually think and say life is hard or unfair then that is how your life will become.

Elizabeth tells Emily to chose her words carefully. She says that if she continually repeats negative statements over time she will begin to believe them and the belief will become stronger and stronger.

If you believe that life is hard, it will get harder.

So stop thinking like that. If someone asks you how things are, respond in a positive way and see how this affects your life. Negative thinkers generally do not want to  be around positive thinkers, so you end up with positive thinkers around you instead of negative thinkers!

Life is not meant to be hard. Life should be fun and enjoyable. You are what you think. Your thoughts reflect your beliefs. Choose your words with care.

Enjoy your ride.


(Photo: Mittinger)

Please share this post with horsey family, friends and colleagues. Leave a comment. Keep it cool and friendly and everyone will be happy. Play fair and your message will not be deleted. 🙂


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