Welcome to enLightenment with Lucy – motivational tips and tricks for you and your horse.

Elizabeth is always talking about attitude (so much so that Emily can hardly bear to hear it any more!)

Since I am a horse I am quite laid back in my attitude, except when horseflies and mosquitoes plague me. I do not think of the past and I do not worry about the future. I live in the here and now.

I like it the most when Emily and Elizabeth hang around with me. That’s when they are the most like me. It seems as if all their worries have disappeared into thin air and we are all in the here and now together.

Attitude is something you can steer. REALLY. You just have to decide to want to steer it and do it.

If you are frightened or tend to have a black outlook on life, simply decide to think of things which make you happy. You decide simply to change your focus in order to change your thoughts. You can do it! And soon you will notice a difference in the things you attract into your life.

Like a perfect ride for example!


(Photo: Mittinger)

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